Meaning of without result in English:

without result


  • In vain.

    ‘Denny had inquired about getting work, without result’
    • ‘Police have made house-to-house inquiries, sent witness appeal letters to holidaymakers staying in the area and traced walkers using the Pennine Way at the time, as well as searching national missing person records, but without result.’
    • ‘They are also trying to find clues through other South East Asian communities, visiting London's Chinatown and issuing appeals in Chinese language newspapers and on cable TV channels, so far without result.’
    • ‘I intuited that the adventure would be defined by eight hours of smelling diesel exhaust and watching hooks drag through the water without result.’
    • ‘They have even sent her portrait to newspapers in South East Asia, but so far without result, and, without identifying her it is hard to establish how she died.’
    • ‘But I am also dismayed that this investigation has taken this long without result.’
    • ‘A meeting held in Geneva following April also ended without result.’
    • ‘Sara was wide awake for a while, thinking without result.’
    • ‘That, in turn, might lead to the trial itself being brought to a premature end without result, and in consequence, the needless expenditure of much public money.’
    • ‘Taken to Wellington's headquarters, she explained the situation; a search was organised, but without result.’
    • ‘He has had every topical application available multiple times without result.’