Meaning of witlessly in English:



See witless

  • ‘I got in, enthusiastically dipped the oar in the water, forgot all about the legs, and went at it witlessly - and it showed.’
  • ‘Beautiful old stone terrace houses which would have been snapped up for renovation in Australia were witlessly destroyed.’
  • ‘The more we witlessly participate in this process, the more we are divided one from another.’
  • ‘When did sex symbols become so hollow, so cheap, so witlessly incapable of building on their beauty?’
  • ‘It was otherwise an unremarkable fair: too much food, dancing, theft, mountebanks, young men and women sneaking off together, people in witlessly fashionable clothing.’
  • ‘I have no idea what's just been ordered and I'm really not hungry, but I don't want to be ungrateful so I smile witlessly and say ‘Gracias’, which doesn't fool anybody.’
  • ‘Even though most of me was protesting witlessly against my decision, I pushed myself past their disapproval and uttered the secret that I finally found the courage to confess.’
  • ‘Jane was considerately treated in the Tower, but when her father witlessly joined Sir Thomas Wyatt's rebellion in January, Jane was considered too dangerous a focus of plots to be allowed to live.’
  • ‘Whoever wrote the thing wasted their time witlessly programming a lengthy table of anti-virus programs into it.’
  • ‘We could hardly believe we had so witlessly fallen into the hands of such scoundrels.’