Meaning of witlessness in English:



See witless

  • ‘In the end, however, he often ends up looking better than his graceless accusers whose venality and malice and witlessness is planned, protracted and considered, whereas his offenses are more often merely impulsive, abrupt and foolish.’
  • ‘Berkeley, oblivious to anything but a total belief in her own talent, pursues her one-dimensional, absurdly caricatured role with a ferocious energy and dedication that in its witlessness is nothing if not breathtaking.’
  • ‘In the evening, though, I come home to reality - as filtered through the TV - where murderers seem to vie with each other for the witlessness and triviality of their motives.’
  • ‘What irritates me is the utter witlessness of these speeches.’
  • ‘What might be the earliest record of a case brought before the king was described as ‘an idiot who [in 1212] is in the prison because in his witlessness he confessed that he is a thief, although in fact he is not to blame.’’
  • ‘Believe it or not, a lot of Aussies are embarrassed at the sheer witlessness of some of the men's comments.’
  • ‘There were few short moments of witlessness that were followed by a hard landing.’