Meaning of witloof in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪtluːf/


mass noun
  • Chicory of a broadleaved variety grown for blanching.

    ‘Try to include a few slightly bitter salad leaves such as radicchio or witloof, or peppery ones such as watercress or rocket.’
    • ‘These chicons are the forced shoots of an otherwise green, bitter salad called witloof chicory.’
    • ‘The warm forcing conditions for witloof chicory production can cause browning of the chicon axis.’
    • ‘Due to residues in the witloof chicory heads the use of insecticides is forbidden during forcing.’
    • ‘The cultivation of witloof was discovered by accident in a dark cellar in 19th century Belgium.’
    • ‘To be stored, witloof needs to be wrapped by something that excludes the light, otherwise it will turn green.’
    • ‘The first endives de Bruxelles were sold in the Paris market in 1878; in 1883, 1,500 kg of Belgian witloof were sold there for 0.80 franc per kg.’
    • ‘The root of witloof, once dried and ground was used as a coffee replacement during war times, and is often mixed with coffee for a robust flavour, enhancing the ‘roasted’ taste.’


Late 19th century from Dutch, literally ‘white leaf’.