Meaning of Wittgensteinian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein or his ideas.

    ‘a Wittgensteinian approach to discourse’
    • ‘The Masters degree includes a training element/research folder designed to equip students to undertake advanced work in Wittgensteinian Studies.’
    • ‘More importantly I have shown how a Wittgensteinian approach to discourse can provide an account of what takes place in conversation.’
    • ‘His way of dealing with the world as he found it, has been, above all else, Wittgensteinian.’
    • ‘What does your Wittgensteinian argument say about the meaning of the word "hacker"?’
    • ‘If Wittgensteinian psychoanalysis can work in practice without appealing to an unconscious, it would be a superior theory - it expels the ghost from the machine.’


  • A person who supports the theories of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    ‘the Wittgensteinians make a relatively small group in contemporary philosophy’
    • ‘In the early part of his career he regarded himself as a "Wittgensteinian" but he did not accept the view, expressed by some admirers of Wittgenstein, that philosophy has no practical relevance to people's lives or that metaphysics is an ultimately futile pursuit.’
    • ‘It is intuitively plausible, yet many philosophers, especially pragmatists and Wittgensteinians, reject it.’
    • ‘I said it to some Wittgensteinians the other day and the response was good.’
    • ‘Wittgensteinians have long been fighting methodological battles against those who mix empirical findings (say about blindsight) with conceptual confusion to make a philosophical point.’
    • ‘There are many Wittgensteinians who conduct analyses of concepts used in religion, connecting them with poetry and music, with understandings of life and moral commitments, but who eschew metaphysical speculations.’