Meaning of wittily in English:



  • In a manner characterized by quick and inventive verbal humour.

    ‘they comment wittily on the action’
    ‘his wittily titled autobiography’
    • ‘Many of the paintings are wittily tailored for the Reichstag audience.’
    • ‘Illumination's powers of guidance and failure are wittily played upon.’
    • ‘There is a certain amount of crotch grabbing but it is all in the spirit of the piece and wittily done.’
    • ‘But, literally and metaphorically, Loudon's still the daddy, and his 21st album finds him on typically acerbic and wittily literate form.’
    • ‘Wittily she retorts with mock puzzlement, hasn't he heard that there will be a fifty percent discount for everyone - except him?’