Meaning of wittiness in English:



See witty

  • ‘Writers must always be careful to weigh the wittiness of their readers against the obviousness of the written humour.’
  • ‘He over-compensates for his Napoleonic height with a cocksure manner, but the inmates have warmed to his lewd wittiness.’
  • ‘I thought the movie would be ok, but nothing could prepare me for the cleverness, the obscene wittiness, and the overall awesomeness.’
  • ‘I'm not sure they actually say much about the subject, more about the wittiness of the contributors.’
  • ‘In France, abstraction does still exist, but there is also a Latin element, a wittiness, a German-influenced theatricality intrinsic to the choreographers’ work, he said.’
  • ‘Finally, Auguste praises the wittiness that the Minister possesses.’
  • ‘Not only could she carry on any kind of conversation, ranging from various topics, but her wittiness and toying sarcasm often brought laughter from the circle of people that were gathered.’
  • ‘At the same time, the music track ties all the elements of the film together and this, along with the beauty of its images and the wittiness and engaging quality of its dance numbers, brings to the fore cinema's particular pleasures.’
  • ‘It wasn't regular wittiness they were laughing at… She had been losing control and completely forgotten every promise she ever made to herself in terms of behavior.’
  • ‘Against Hallward's wishes, the two met, and Dorian was immediately taken by Lord Henry's fascinating words, presence and wittiness.’