Meaning of wizardly in English:



See wizard

  • ‘President Johnson promised a War on Poverty, driven by a wizardly new Keynesian confidence that an economy of unprecedented abundance could deliver more groceries to everyone.’
  • ‘Call yourself a graphic designer and you're identified as an artsy computer geek being hired to spice up a document with your wizardly technical skill.’
  • ‘Who can begrudge the rewards for three epic movies that were seven years in the making, and combined Tolkien's wizardly storytelling with the cutting edge of new technology?’
  • ‘But you get the feeling that the wizardly manchild is indefatigable.’
  • ‘Not that there's anything satanic in his wizardly dabblings with cauldrons and broomsticks.’
  • ‘Otherwise things are not so very different for Harry and his wizardly chums.’
  • ‘This is where he had come to pass his worldly, as well as wizardly, knowledge onto Ereana, who, at that moment, was jumping out of the courtyard window without hesitation, tearing her long skirt on thorny rosebushes as she did so.’
  • ‘I don't want to think about what the Mousla could gain from wizardly knowledge.’
  • ‘Rather, The Sixth Sense achieved the elevation of cultural phenomenon because of a wizardly directorial effort by newcomer M. Night Shyamalan.’
  • ‘Susan Stroman, the hyperkinetic director-choreographer behind the current Broadway hits Contact and The Music Man, is at her wizardly best here, keeping the stage whirling and alive.’