Meaning of wobbegong in English:


(also wobbegon)


  • A brown Australian carpet shark with pale markings, living in shallow waters around reefs.

    Orectolobus maculatus, family Orectolobidae

    • ‘He even went in and marked the position of frogfish (they call them anglerfish) and carpet sharks (wobbegongs) by tying off glowsticks to the nearby coral!’
    • ‘The wobbegong, (carpet shark), attacked 22-year-old Luke Tresoglavic yesterday whilst he was ‘snorkelling’ on a reef off Caves Beach, south of Newcastle.’
    • ‘We also came face to face with one of my favourite sharks, the marvellous wobbegong.’
    • ‘I learned early on in my diving career about respecting wild animals, when I was bitten by a wobbegong shark while diving at Sydney Harbour's north head.’
    • ‘Sharks, mackerel and eagle rays often patrol this area, and on my first dive I nailed a great photograph of a wobbegong shark that almost posed for the camera.’
    • ‘I did see a wobbegong once, which is a little shark, but they are not terribly ferocious.’
    • ‘And only minutes before ascending, we found a two-metre wobbegong perfectly camouflaged in a bed of rubble.’


Mid 19th century probably from a New South Wales Aboriginal language.