Meaning of Wobblies in English:


plural noun

popular name for members of Industrial Workers of the World
  • ‘But the Wobblies' combination of grassroots democracy, direct action and visionary politics is a reminder of the limitations of the current debate.’
  • ‘Meetings of the local peace coalition include members of the Green Party, Wobblies, university professors, and die-hard Republican churchgoers.’
  • ‘I do not think it is a coincidence that popular music has been an important part of almost every radical movement in American history from the Wobblies to Anti-Globalization.’
  • ‘This year a special anniversary song book is due to be released and the Wobblies are engaged in organizing work and also a campaign for the four-hour day.’
  • ‘The International Workers of the World, the union better known as the Wobblies, once warned ‘beware of the movement that sings.’’


Early 20th century of unknown origin.