Meaning of wobbliness in English:



See wobbly

  • ‘I felt very well, apart from some slight wobbliness at the end of day three as I was packing up.’
  • ‘By way of punishment, we were to spend every day after school for a whole two weeks tightening up the screws on every single chair in the establishment, and hammering home wooden wedges to ensure that wobbliness was a thing of the past.’
  • ‘Rich salt-mines created a town not only of great substance but also of great wobbliness, as the saltworks wreaked architectural havoc for over 1100 years.’
  • ‘Let's catalog those statements and let them answer for their cowardice and wobbliness.’
  • ‘I am sorry to report signs of distinct wobbliness in this week's episode, Chosen Realm.’
  • ‘Arsenal's defence is looking Manchester United-esque in it's wobbliness at the moment, while their midfield is being completely over-run.’
  • ‘The course of the disease is similar in all species, starting with a little wobbliness or memory loss, then progressing to full dementia and death, usually in the space of a few months.’
  • ‘Further, the interview seems to have been done with a hand-held camera, and the wobbliness of the picture gets distracting at times.’
  • ‘Bryce swallowed and glanced toward the door, judging the distance versus his current state of wobbliness.’
  • ‘The room's wobbliness ceased slightly and she was able to discern that she was in a large bed surrounded in something.’