Meaning of woefully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwəʊfʊli/ /ˈwəʊf(ə)li/


  • 1In a manner expressing sorrow or misery.

    ‘she sighed woefully and walked out’
    ‘David talks woefully of life’
    • ‘He walked woefully up the stairs that led into the ship.’
    • ‘He sat there for a long time sipping dry martinis and looking woefully into the peanut dish.’
    • ‘"I had better face the lion," he said woefully.’
    • ‘He points out similar flaws, then adds woefully that "at this point it's all we have."’
    • ‘Old Jan looks up and complains woefully.’
  • 2Very badly; deplorably.

    ‘they performed woefully to lose 2–0’
    as submodifier ‘preparations proved woefully inadequate’
    • ‘The squad still looked woefully lacking in depth, with the defence looking especially fragile.’
    • ‘Asked to describe the novel in 70 words or less, he failed woefully, speaking for several minutes before being informed that he had exceeded his word limit.’
    • ‘He ought to be wholeheartedly congratulated on this significant addition to a field of study that remains woefully in need of such an incisive and highly informed contribution.’
    • ‘The visitors' reply started woefully as they slid to 27 for 6 before James Key came on late to polish off the tail with 4 for 4.’
    • ‘His pronouncement last week about condoms is the latest example of him seeming woefully out of touch.’



/ˈwəʊfʊli/ /ˈwəʊf(ə)li/