Meaning of woefulness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwəʊfʊlnəs/ /ˈwəʊf(ə)lnəs/


See woeful

  • ‘The editor is noted for addressing hacks at their end-of-term bash in a speech widely noted for its spectacular woefulness.’
  • ‘And, really, the only bright spot of yesterday for United, who are fast slipping into pre-McCall woefulness, was that they broke their duck against Hearts.’
  • ‘Small wonder modern heavy rock gets such a ribbing when it goes and gets itself involved in woefulness like this.’
  • ‘Graham in all her colorations emerged that night - the complexity and simplicity of faith, its woefulness and ease.’
  • ‘Two thirds of this record could be parodied, such is its woefulness.’



/ˈwəʊfʊlnəs/ /ˈwəʊf(ə)lnəs/