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Pronunciation /wɒk/

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  • A bowl-shaped frying pan used typically in Chinese cooking.

    ‘In a large wok or frying pan heat two tablespoons of oil until smoking.’
    • ‘Then lightly grill the locusts in a wok or hot frying pan, adding a little oil and salt to taste.’
    • ‘Thus, a dish of meat and various vegetables stir fried in a wok is not one-pot cookery, because a wok is not a pot.’
    • ‘Heat the oil in a wok or frying pan until shimmering, add the beef and its marinade and stir-fry for 2min until well coloured.’
    • ‘Heat half the sesame and groundnut oil in a wok or large frying pan until very hot.’
    • ‘The round, concave shape of the wok means the whole wok becomes a cooking surface, making optimum use of the heat.’
    • ‘Coat a wok or large skillet with cooking spray and set the pan over medium-high heat.’
    • ‘Ticket holders have access to several stations where chefs prepare the food in woks and large sauté pans.’
    • ‘The kitchen is in two sections, with one dedicated to grilled food and the other more of the normal Thai kitchen with woks and pots.’
    • ‘There are pizza ovens, griddles, infrared rotisseries, built-in woks, deep-fryers - you can customize your outdoor kitchen to suit the food you cook and the way you want to entertain.’
    • ‘Isabelle tosses a quarter cup of curry into the wok and our kitchen fills with its muscular yellow pungency.’
    • ‘Goats' carcasses hung from racks in front, and black metal pots shaped like deep woks were set above charcoal fires.’
    • ‘The wok's bowl shape increases its capacity, so you can use it to steam, braise, or deep-fry.’
    • ‘I had a flash of my uncles working the woks in a hellishly hot summer kitchen.’
    • ‘Isabelle smacks the neck of the spatula against the metal rim of the wok, dislodging an aggregate of rice.’
    • ‘Savitri threw into the wok six handfuls of chopped okra and stirred them around with a large metal spatula.’
    • ‘I was devastated, as, whilst I had used a wok in England, I preferred to grill or roast our food!’
    • ‘This week my wife gave me a present with an ulterior motive - a cast-iron wok with a book about stir-fry cooking.’
    • ‘I should have realised that if just seasoning the wok seemed too onerous, the chances of me ever cooking something in it were slim.’
    • ‘Coral poked her head around the kitchen door, setting down the wok she had been holding.’
    saucepan, frying pan, pot, casserole, wok, skillet, bain-marie, fish kettle, pressure cooker, poacher, chafing dish


Chinese (Cantonese).