Meaning of woke in English:



past of wake

adjectivewoker, wokest

informal US
  • Alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

    ‘we need to stay angry, and stay woke’
    ‘does being woke mean I have to agree with what all other woke folks say should be done about issues in the black community?’
    ‘the West Coast has the wokest dudes’
    • ‘Woke black girls are the microcosm who are advocating for the majority, taking a stand on issues that are impacting our community.’
    • ‘That disappointment when you thought he was woke, but his homophobia, misogyny and racism starts to show.’
    • ‘Engaging in conversations with woke folks always teaches me a thing or two about social justice and equality, and sometimes I’ll walk away with a good book recommendation too.’
    • ‘That woke guy uses his celebrity influence to raise awareness around injustice and inequality.’
    • ‘Jesse’s so woke that he candidly addresses his light-skinned, blue-eyed privilege.’
    • ‘Those who are woke must engage themselves in ways that actively challenge the world we live in.’
    • ‘Stay woke, stay vigilant and stay engaged.’
    • ‘One needn’t look far for proof of her woke credibility—she has long been a vocal feminist and supporter of LGBTQ rights, among other things.’
    • ‘The magazine honored 100 woke women in their May issue.’
    • ‘I stress the urgent need to get woke, stay woke and better the state of black lives.’
    • ‘This is mock example.’