Meaning of Wolf Cub in English:

Wolf Cub


former term for Cub Scout
  • ‘Scout Associations all over the world adapted the English Wolf Cub uniform for their Cubs.’
  • ‘The uniform for the Wolf Cub Scout is the official blue Cub Scout shirt, Wolf neckerchief, and slide.’
  • ‘The Wolf Cubs received their official blessing in the HQ Gazette, in an article in January 1914.’
  • ‘Camping provides situations for Wolf Cubs to think, learn and do for themselves.’
  • ‘Mastering each new challenge with confidence, those who have earned their Wolf Cub rank stand prepared to face new challenges and adventures in the future.’
  • ‘By advancing from Bobcat to Wolf Cub Scout you have demonstrated the spirit of Cub Scouting.’
  • ‘Thank you for searching for more information on the Wolf Cub program.’
  • ‘In the Wolf Cub program, the neighborhood-centered activities are planned and coordinated by the Den Leader or Pack Committee members.’
  • ‘This is the note I wrote back to her, along with a poem I wrote in 1993 - ‘What Wolf Cubs Need’.’
  • ‘There are 12 in all, and are listed in the boy's Wolf Cub Scout book.’
  • ‘In the back of the Wolf Cub Scout Book, there are pages to track which points a Cub Scout has completed on the Arrow Point Trial.’
  • ‘After a Wolf Cub Scout earns his Wolf Badge he may begin earning Arrow Points in the Electives section of his book.’