Meaning of wolf fish in English:

wolf fish


  • A large long-bodied marine fish with a long-based dorsal fin and sharp doglike teeth, that lives in deep waters of the northern hemisphere.

    Family Anarhichadidae: several genera and species, including the edible Anarhichas lupus

    • ‘Larger, yet still immature, wolf fish, and scorpion fish peered curiously at us from crevices in the rock, waiting no doubt for a passing meal or the opportunity to dart out and seize some unsuspecting prey.’
    • ‘This Aberdonian favourite specialises in seafood recipes from around the world - gumbos, chowders, fishcakes, the works - using every imaginable fresh Scottish seafood, including halibut, sole, wolf fish, turbot, lobster and crab.’
    • ‘The team also filmed wolf fish and deep-sea sharks, which fought over mackerel bait attached to the lander.’
    • ‘Here you come across some extremely large boulders covered in deadmen's fingers and anemones, interspersed with wolf fish, lobster, ling and conger eels.’
    • ‘The area also offers rock walls, kelp beds and fish species such as lumpfish and wolf fish.’
    • ‘Wrecked in 1912, it is smothered in marine life and is home to large numbers of wolf fish, whiting and cod.’
    • ‘British Columbia's nutrient-rich waters support a multitude of life including kelp forests, nudibranchs, anemones, wolf fish, king crabs and giant octopus.’
    • ‘This is a good place to find wolf fish over a metre long.’
    • ‘There are seals and porpoises, thick kelp forests, colourful corals, and large wolf fish.’
    • ‘Every crack and crevice on this pinnacle seems to be home to something, whether it be a lobster or a wolf fish.’