Meaning of wolf pack in English:

wolf pack


  • A group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack, in particular a group of attacking submarines or aircraft.

    ‘a wolf pack of U-boats’
    • ‘And it was almost like an invitation for a wolf pack of those submarines to come in.’
    • ‘She then took part in a wolf pack off Ireland until Admiral Doenitz dissolved it early in 1944, leaving U390 to operate alone.’
    • ‘The Washington press corps is sometimes likened to a wolf pack, a simile which I find utterly absurd.’
    • ‘Michael spoke quietly from the beam behind Kieran, trying to ignore the wolf pack drawing close while they clung like bats to the side of the tower, easy targets in the fading afternoon light.’
    • ‘Because the wolf pack, now as in 1989, can be the media.’
    • ‘And even if he should miraculously escape the forcefield, the wolf pack of ships waiting just outside it would certainly get him.’
    • ‘Gone are the days of the wolf pack, where it didn't take long to get past everyone else on the course, and cruise to an easy victory.’
    • ‘Morehead won his sixth career victory, then celebrated well into the night with his buddies, a rowdy group of friends and fellow racers who have dubbed themselves the Division 1 wolf pack.’
    • ‘The planes were catapulted to search and attack the German U-boat wolf packs that were sinking droves of ships in convoys.’
    • ‘Short-wave radio allowed tactics such as submarine wolf packs, massive bombing raids, and co-ordinated blitzkrieg attacks.’