Meaning of wolf snake in English:

wolf snake


  • A harmless Old World snake with long upper teeth.

    a small nocturnal African snake (genus Lycophidion, family Colubridae), including the Cape wolf snake (L. capense). and a medium-sized Asian snake (genus Ophites (formerly Lycodon), family Colubridae), including the common wolf snake or carpet snake (O. aulicus).

    • ‘This wolf snake was rescued by Ataaz from a poultry farm near Nelamangala on Tumkur Road.’
    • ‘According to the FFI, the group discovered a rare species known as wolf snake and a large population of the critically endangered Siamese crocodile, which was previously thought to be virtually extinct in the wild.’
    • ‘A complementary project has been done looking at numbers of introduced geckos and wolf snakes in the two areas.’
    • ‘Any fatality resulting from the bite of the wolf snake is purely the result of fright.’
    • ‘On one of the many patrols, I see a Cape wolf snake slither into the leaf litter.’
    • ‘If you are looking for some of your own Nick has not only these but some Pastel House Snakes and some other less common stuff from South Africa just in including wolf snakes and Rufus Beak Snakes.’
    • ‘The common wolf snake is also called the house snake.’
    • ‘This garden wolf snake is seen near human habitations feeding on lizards, skinks, small frogs and tiny mammals.’
    • ‘It's the black file snakes that move in jerky movements, not the Cape wolf snakes, according to the books.’
    • ‘Non - avian encounters included many wolf snakes, particularly during March, and also several green day geckos, which are not often seen on Aride.’
    • ‘Do they ‘shut’ their eyes by burying their head into the loops of their body as my friend's wolf snake did?’
    • ‘God save the wolf snake too, and the victims of wolf bites and wolf snake bites too.’
    • ‘The common wolf snake, Lycodon aulicus capucinus recently colonized Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean’
    • ‘When Muhammad Anees brought home 25 eggs from a house in Bangalore, he didn't know he would have 25 cobras, four wolf snakes and 10 rat snakes on his hands.’
    • ‘The nonpoisonous variety of snakes include the common blind snake, the Russell sand boa, the Indian python, the Indian wart snake, trinket snake, Indian rat snake, golden tree snake, common wolf snake, chequered keelback, striped keelback, Indian gamma and common green whip snake.’
    • ‘Common Kraits are often confused with wolf snakes (Lycodon sp.) which are much smaller, with flat, somewhat pointed heads.’
    • ‘The park is also the home to diverse variety of Reptile family, rock pythons, cobras, crocodiles, monitor lizards, wolf snakes, russel's vipers, rat snakes, Indian python, vines snakes, common kraits, turtles, flying lizards and many other varieties of snakes.’
    • ‘Christmas Island, a possession of Australia in the Indian Ocean, was colonized by the common wolf snake, Lycodon aulicus, in the last decade.’
    • ‘The most common are pythons, pipe snakes, worm snakes, sunbeam snakes, whip snakes, cat snakes (although very mildly poisonous and non-aggressive), golden tree snakes (again slightly poisonous, but no real threat), bronzebacks, bridle snakes, rat snakes and wolf snakes.’
    • ‘Reptiles and amphibians recorded from the islands include 2 geckoes, 2 agamid lizards including the common garden lizard or blood sucker, the snake skink, common wolf snake, another snake, Typhlos braminus, a short-headed frog, Rana breviceps, and a larger toad, Bufo melanostictus.’