Meaning of wolf spider in English:

wolf spider


  • A fast-moving ground spider which runs after and springs on its prey.

    Family Lycosidae, order Araneae

    ‘As I watched, several kinds of ants crossed my view, followed by a tiny red mite, a sizable wolf spider, and two colorful jumping spiders.’
    • ‘Scientists based in England, Denmark, New Zealand, and Israel tested a quick ground beetle, an ambushing wolf spider, and a web-building desert spider to see if they selectively forage for fat and protein.’
    • ‘This wolf spider exhibited significant levels of both partial feeding and prey abandonment at high rates of encounter with prey.’
    • ‘The unusual form of sexual signaling, the drumming produced by the wolf spider Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata, allows exceptionally detailed studies of female preference patterns against signal characteristics.’
    • ‘I scattered leaf litter on the floor of the bucket and threw in another hornworm, then a squash bug, a bluebottle fly, a spiny orb weaver, a daddy longlegs, a bald-faced hornet, a wolf spider, and various unidentified larvae.’
    • ‘Results from an experimental study on the wolf spider Pardosa milvina suggest that an allocation in predator avoidance behaviors can be coupled to fitness costs in terms of lighter egg sacs that also contain fewer eggs.’
    • ‘A flashlight turns up the wolf spider, whose eyes shine turquoise in the beam.’
    • ‘I stepped out so see what she was talking about and there, spun across the opening of our little covered front porch and backlit by the moon, was a magnificent web with a wolf spider sitting right in the middle.’
    • ‘The female wolf spider is a very gentle parent, encasing her eggs in silk and carrying the precious bundle with her wherever she goes.’
    • ‘The wolf spider Pardosa milvina does all it can to avoid being swallowed by Hogna helluo, a much larger wolf spider that occupies the same habitat.’
    • ‘One belongs to the wolf spider family called Lycosa while the other comes under the generic name Opodomata in Tetragnathidae family.’
    • ‘The Kaua'i cave wolf spider and Kaua'i cave isopod are small, blind creatures adapted to life in moist lava tubes and adjacent crevices.’
    • ‘Most spiders breathe through tracheae; some, like the wolf spiders, have both book lungs and tracheae.’
    • ‘Then the beetles were given a choice of both types of prey, the wolf spiders were given only one prey type but could choose how much to eat, and the desert spiders were given half an hour to deal with one prey type as they saw fit.’
    • ‘Female wandering spiders (Cupien - nius getazi) use vibration signals for mate recognition but not female choice, but female wolf spiders actively choose males based on their drumming rate.’
    • ‘In the present study, we investigated the relationship between sexual advertisement and immune function in a natural population of male wolf spiders, Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata (Araneae: Lycosidae).’
    • ‘For instance, Hebets showed that among wolf spiders, juvenile exposure to a specific male phenotype created an adult mating preference for that same phenotype.’
    • ‘She would have been horrified, had she visited my house in the fall, to see so many forest wolf spiders running about indoors.’
    • ‘Nature's most voracious predators are wolf spiders and army ants, not polar bears.’
    • ‘He finds that wolf spiders, some of them with very acute vision, will watch other spiders on the Walkman-sized television screens he provides, even when the images are digitally modified.’