Meaning of wolflike in English:



See wolf

  • ‘Game rangers set traps to snare the wolf-like animals.’
  • ‘There flourished a very wolf-like breed, the stout husky, reined in as it is to provide human transport by hauling sledges across frozen tundra.’
  • ‘It's a big new mammal: a wolf-like creature of massive proportions with a bone-crunching jaw a metre long.’
  • ‘Nobu may have wolf-like tendencies, but underneath she is a sweet dog and a good friend.’
  • ‘‘Excellent,’ said Atra, her wolf-like eyes upturning in a smile.’
  • ‘Wreathed in flame with its fiery eyes flashing, the giant wolf-like creature uttered one long, deafening howl and began advancing slowly, menacingly.’