Meaning of wolframite in English:



mass noun
  • A black or brown mineral which is the chief ore of tungsten. It consists of a tungstate of iron and manganese.

    • ‘It occurs most commonly in the minerals scheelite (calcium tungstate) and wolframite (iron manganese tungstate WO 4).’
    • ‘Minerals such as wolframite, arsenopyrite, fluorite, and quartz are well known from this mine.’
    • ‘A greisen is a quartz - mica aggregate containing significant amounts of cassiterite, wolframite, fluorite, topaz, rutile, and tourmaline.’
    • ‘Feldspar has been hydrothermally altered by a fluorine-rich water vapor to quartz, mica (usually lithian), topaz and/or tourmaline with fluorite, cassiterite, molybdenite, rutile, and wolframite as typical accessory minerals.’
    • ‘Arsenopyrite, cassiterite, molybdenite, wolframite, uraninite, and several of the common sulfides have all been observed at various locations.’
    • ‘Lustrous pyrrhotite crystals on quartz and wolframite were recovered at one time from the ‘Cables’ section of the Chicote Grande mine, Bolivia.’
    • ‘Wolframite crystals 5-15 cm long were scattered throughout the vein along with numerous cavities or ‘pockets’ with crystals of quartz and wolframite.’
    • ‘How about apatite, apophyllite, axinite, chlorite, hypersthene, scapolite, serpentine, tantalite, and wolframite?’
    • ‘Griffitts reported that wolframite is a commonly occurring mineral in some beryl-bearing veins, especially at the Mary Lee prospect.’
    • ‘This and nearby districts are also known for perfect, doubly terminated wolframite crystals to 20 cm, perched on water-clear quartz.’
    • ‘Other mineral resources include wolframite, gold and unexploited natural gas reserves.’
    • ‘Hillebrand reports on hubnerite and wolframite on the 1700 level of the north Montana vein.’
    • ‘It is found in more than 800 different minerals, the most important of which are thortveitite and wolframite.’