Meaning of wollastonite in English:



mass noun
  • A white or greyish mineral typically occurring in tabular masses in metamorphosed limestone. It is a silicate of calcium and is used as a source of rock wool.

    • ‘The Badger Flats area is also well known for clinozoisite, garnet, hematite, scheelite, vesuvianite, wollastonite, and zoisite (variety thulite).’
    • ‘The skarn layer has a massive texture with two assemblages, wollastonite + quartz + diopside and prehnite + datolite + actinolite + K - feldspar, which have been interpreted as evidence of hydrothermal metasomatism of carbonate rocks.’
    • ‘The groundmass of these leucocratic segregations is heterogeneous, consisting of centimeter-scale regions dominated by nepheline, natrolite, alkali feldspar, or wollastonite.’
    • ‘If the three bulk titanite fractions and wollastonite from the same rock are combined a Model - 1 isochron with a slope equivalent to an age of 2056.01.5 Ma is obtained.’
    • ‘The white medallions presented as the first European porcelain are indeed Bottger's, but they're not ‘porcelain,’ but an alabaster fluxed ceramic in which wollastonite (a silicate of calcium) replaces mullite.’
    • ‘High-T wollastonite + vesuvianite + grossular-bearing assemblages within neighbouring skarns that developed by reaction with exsolving H 2 O-rich volatiles support this conclusion.’
    • ‘The main minerals identified were mainly calcite also some diopside, wollastonite, iron oxides and a few scattered dolomite crystals.’
    • ‘As wollastonite is a natural mineral, compounds containing wollastonite can be recycled.’
    • ‘These include pectolite, wollastonite, and johannsenite but also several of the minerals that are unique to the Kalahari manganese field, such as effenbergerite, wesselsite, kornite, and hennomartinite.’
    • ‘Even collectible new minerals have made recent appearances, including hubeiite and associated inesite from the Fengjiashan wollastonite mine at Daye, Hubei Province.’
    • ‘Calcium-rich species in the wollastonite area are not pyroxenes but pyroxenoids.’
    • ‘The front fascia is reinforced with mica while the rear fascia, rocker panels, tear bumper cover and the spoiler are reinforced with wollastonite to enhance the stiffness and strength.’


Early 19th century from the name of W. H. Wollaston (see Wollaston, William Hyde) + -ite.