Meaning of Wolstonian in English:



  • Relating to or denoting the penultimate Pleistocene glaciation in Britain, identified with the Saale of northern Europe (and perhaps the Riss of the Alps)

    ‘dating finds to the Wolstonian glacial period is not easy since tool types remained similar to those in use during the Hoxnian’
    • ‘It is uncertain whether the ice during the Wolstonian stage affected the region.’
    • ‘Scourse therefore suggested that the sequence might be attributable to sediments deposited at the end of an interglacial, or possibly during an interstadial within the Wolstonian cold stage.’
    • ‘This trough subsequently formed a lake basin which filled with sediment during the entire interglacial and part of the ensuing Wolstonian glacial stage.’
    • ‘The drift sequences in Northamptonshire are usually attributed to the Wolstonian glacial cycle, as the county lay some distance south of the maximum advance of the Devensian ice sheets.’
    • ‘The Wolstonian loess is mineralogically different from the Devensian, but it has been more strongly weathered and its origin is uncertain.’


the Wolstonian
  • The penultimate Pleistocene glaciation in Britain or the system of deposits laid down during it.

    ‘remains are known from numerous sites, dated to before the Wolstonian’


1960s from Wolston, the name of a village in Warwickshire, + -ian.