Meaning of woma in English:



  • A brownish-grey Australian python found in sandy desert areas.

    Aspidites ramsayi, family Pythonidae

    • ‘Australia's woma pythons hunt underground in tunnels away from the searing heat of the surface.’
    • ‘Our favorites are the bold patterned womas for their high-contrasting colors.’
    • ‘We also have found some differences in behaviour between the captive populations of Tanami and Uluru womas.’
    • ‘With tons of orange and yellow, and nice coppery browns, these womas will become outstanding breeders in years to come!’
    • ‘The Boa Barn - Specializing in albino boas, Amazon Basin emerald tree boas, womas, yellow chondros and poison dart frogs.’
    • ‘I don't know why you immediately shot down the idea for the original poster to look into womas.’
    • ‘You're gonna be able to keep the womas on campus…in a dorm?’
    • ‘Blackhead snakes are right up there with womas as my favourites too’
    • ‘A 4’ X 2’ enclosure is more than adequate for an adult woma.’


1930s from Diyari (an Aboriginal language of South Australia).