Meaning of woman-hating in English:



  • Having or showing an intense dislike of women; misogynistic.

    ‘woman-hating, gun-worshipping rappers’
    • ‘Your rantings read like the crazed utterings of a woman-hating bully.’
    • ‘This movie is centered on a man's point of view and has disturbingly woman-hating and anti-feminist themes.’
    • ‘I do not condone the offensive, woman-hating nature of the routines.’
    • ‘He widened his horizons - and surprised a good few people too - by touring regional theatres as woman-hating Petruchio in a production of Shakespeare's Taming Of The Shrew.’
    • ‘Does the brutal vanity of the baron's wife necessarily allow us to qualify Bisclavret as a woman-hating text?’
    • ‘A woman-hating parrot is on the loose after escaping from its cage.’
    • ‘The fact that her behaviour seems to dovetail so neatly with so many woman-hating tropes - wicked stepmother, gold-digger, etc - is just bad luck.’
    • ‘The last thing anybody needs is a prominent woman coming along and telling them, at £33 a ticket, that some terrible woman-hating injustice is being perpetrated.’
    • ‘The Triumph of Love is a romantic comedy designed to show that no one is immune to the stirrings of passion, be they a frigid spinster, a great intellectual, an insecure princess, or a woman-hating prince.’
    • ‘At the dawn of this techno-modern century, we still live in a woman-hating society.’
    • ‘He is a corrupt, woman-hating bundle of rage barely keeping it together.’
    • ‘We can stop buying woman-hating music and literature and listen to what our children are listening to and exert parental discretion when it's not healthy.’
    • ‘The fact is when someone like a judge says these things it makes your average woman-hating misogynist think their view is not only acceptable but actually supported by the powers that be.’
    • ‘This has led to the acceptance and even glorification of profoundly woman-hating behaviors and institutions.’
    • ‘Slip over the line the other way and you're a woman-hating, responsibility-denying defender of the patriarchy.’
    • ‘To even suggest this fact is to be labelled a women hating bigot.’
    • ‘Raymond Kenyon was the rather camp woman hating Stage Manager and he came into his own in the final scene.’
    • ‘With these very sexist jokes, I could be seen as a sexist woman hating pig.’
    • ‘It is an accepted and insidious woman-hating attitude that leaves us all in the dust.’
    jingoistic, chauvinistic, excessively patriotic, excessively nationalistic, sectarian, isolationist, flag-waving, xenophobic, racist, racialist, ethnocentric