Meaning of woman of the bedchamber in English:

woman of the bedchamber


  • (in the UK) a female attendant to the queen or queen mother, ranking in the royal household below lady of the bedchamber.

    ‘A former first woman of the bedchamber to Queen Maria Leczinska had continued in office near the young Queen.’
    • ‘Both Diana's grandmothers were members of the royal household: Countess Spencer was lady of the bedchamber to the Queen Mother, and Ruth, Lady Fermoy, one of her women of the bedchamber.’
    • ‘Fiery Labor M.P. William Hamilton was particularly appalled by the increase for the Queen Mother, who has a staff of 33, including five ladies of the bedchamber and eleven women of the bedchamber.’
    • ‘Mrs. Masham was a woman of the bedchamber to Princess Anne; her husband, Samuel Masham, had been groom of the bedchamber to Prince George of Denmark, and in 1712 was given the title ‘Baron Masham’ by Princess Anne.’
    • ‘Diana never knew her grandfather, who died in 1955, but her grandmother, Ruth Fermoy, was to play an important part in her life, not least for her close royal connections based on her valued friendship with the Queen Mother whose woman of the bedchamber she became.’
    • ‘Most of the 40 or so others who worked for the Queen Mother - her mistress of the robes, her housekeepers, butlers, ladies of the bedchamber and women of the bedchamber, her gardeners and maids and the watchman who sat outside her door every night - are almost certain to find themselves out of a job.’
    • ‘Other members of the household are: lord great chamberlain, earl marshal, lord steward, master of the horse (unpaid, ceremonial posts) ladies-in-waiting, including mistress of the robes, two ladies of the bedchamber, five women of the bedchamber and an equerry.’