Meaning of womanishly in English:




See womanish

  • ‘While more female physicians are turning up, most are either too mannishly tough or too womanishly sweet.’
  • ‘The chaste man need not be squeamish or prudish or lacking in animal vitality; nor need he be womanishly pious or a slave of puritanical conventions.’
  • ‘Men in polyester trousers, sharply creased, cut to bag out womanishly at the thighs and hemmed too short, exposing a centimetre of sock.’
  • ‘Then a meaningful translation would be as ‘he is a man in general appearance but womanishly a coward.’’
  • ‘To my intense disappointment, most of the ‘hot parts’ were deleted, and it was spangled with asterisks - but in both books, it seemed to me that his descriptions of scenes of passion, or bedroom bouts, were almost womanishly fervent.’