Meaning of womanism in English:



mass noun
  • A form of feminism that acknowledges women's natural contribution to society (used by some in distinction to the term feminism and its association with white women).

    • ‘It has sometimes been called Marxism, sometimes socialist feminism, sometimes womanism, sometimes materialist feminism, or feminist materialism, and sometimes is implicit in work that bears no theoretical labels.’
    • ‘Distinguishing between womanism and feminism, however, has often been a subject of debate.’
    • ‘My students recently tackled the distinction between the philosophies of feminism and Black womanism.’
    • ‘Collins admonishes: ‘… womanism and Black feminism may have little meaning, especially in the absence of actual social institutions dedicated to investigating Black women's critical social theory.’’
    • ‘It's not clear what the difference is between feminism and womanism.’
    • ‘In addition to his nature-based theory, the author blends the traditional roles of women and ideas of hard core feminism into what he terms womanism.’
    • ‘Using Walker's definition of womanism, at the beginning of In Search of Our Mother's Gardens, Lauret indicates how Hurston serves as a model, as Walker formulates, revises, and offers a critique of the term.’
    the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation, female emancipation, women's rights