Meaning of womanless in English:



See woman

  • ‘Their former captain offers a cynical toast, tweaking that ‘wonderful, abstaining, womanless Führer’ for his brilliant naval strategy, in spite of being an amateur painter by trade.’
  • ‘A black Freudian family drama, the play presents the return to his north London home and ostentatiously womanless family of Teddy, an academic, and his wife of six years, Ruth, once a photographic model.’
  • ‘I'm 27 years old, not exactly ugly, and womanless.’
  • ‘The snow here - not the picturesque whitener of Christmas cards - bespeaks the elements' menacing of the young ones and their womanless father.’
  • ‘The mateship of Gammage's diggers certainly presupposed a womanless world.’