Meaning of womanliness in English:



See womanly

  • ‘Add a funny, finally devastating smile, the sensuous Portuguese language, and what can only be called the ease of Case's full-bodied womanliness, and you've got more than enough love to go around.’
  • ‘Feminine side: not to be confused with womanliness, which is not a side but pervades the whole and also does not need to be explored, on account of it just being.’
  • ‘The slightly whiney girlishness that sometimes surfaced unintentionally has been replaced by a confident womanliness, and for the first time you are aware of her extraordinary sexual power.’
  • ‘There's a bit of Oedipal stuff too but it's not like I'm buying my mother lingerie for Christmas - it's about the beautiful womanliness of things.’
  • ‘Woolf identified in her an essential womanliness which activated the ardent and romantic side of his personality, hitherto almost entirely dormant.’