Meaning of wombat crossing in English:

wombat crossing


  • A pedestrian crossing in the form of a wide, flat speed bump.

    ‘a wombat crossing slows traffic and significantly reduces crash risk’
    • ‘The council has also told the office to install wombat crossings to slow traffic before it starts the development.’
    • ‘The provision of a wombat crossing was recommended at the traffic committee meeting of 3 July 2007.’
    • ‘The police representatives strongly supported the need for a wombat crossing.’
    • ‘Also approved were visual 'zig-zag' markings and a wombat crossing in the shopping centre area of the road.’
    • ‘Since I'm opposed to it, it's good to read that the idea of a wombat crossing is not being supported.’
    • ‘Upgrading the pedestrian crossing to a Wombat crossing will provide a safer facility for school children as the increased height will be more visible to drivers.’
    • ‘He said that he would like to see a wombat crossing system or a speed camera to encourage people to slow down.’
    • ‘Along the way are signs indicating Wombat Crossings.’
    • ‘Wombat crossings are more generally used on busy roads, not just roads on school routes.’
    • ‘The design of wombat crossings does not take cyclists into account sufficiently, and needs a fundamental re-think for the entire Sydney area.’