Meaning of wombat hole in English:

wombat hole


Australian, New Zealand
  • A burrow made by a wombat.

    ‘she managed to crawl through a wombat hole and under the fence’
    • ‘There were all sorts of problems with agriculture in the old days, with the introduction of cattle that treaded all over the wombat holes.’
    • ‘A little further on, I was thrown from my horse and I stayed put in a wombat hole all night.’
    • ‘With wombat work the number one rule is: first find your wombat hole.’
    • ‘You need to be able to go out in that dark, and be confident that you're not going to fall in a wombat hole.’
    • ‘I saw the hugest, roundest wombat hole.’
    • ‘He discovered copper in a wombat hole while looking after his sheep in 1860.’
    • ‘Some of these holes lie beside a long, featureless highway, some are positioned near petrol stations and motels, while others rest close to inhabited wombat holes.’
    • ‘Back in the truck again, we ventured off on another day trip, stopping at historical homesteads, rock formations and wombat holes.’
    • ‘I wanted to crawl into that wombat hole.’
    • ‘I saw, close by, a disused wombat hole, almost overgrown.’