Meaning of womblike in English:



See womb

  • ‘Inside its womb-like structure is an obsessively detailed model of an old-fashioned movie-house, complete with a 17-seat ‘balcony’ where the participants sit.’
  • ‘A walk through the womb-like interior at Tynecastle rekindles many memories of the players who have trod the same path from youth-team hopeful to first-team regular that Severin is attempting to emulate.’
  • ‘Moments are incredibly beautiful, especially when they dangle above a dappled stage wrapped womb-like in fabric, or entwined around the hoop, they spin into the shadows of the lighting grid.’
  • ‘The mains-powered machine is equipped with a 15-minute timer with a push button to toggle between low and high speeds, recreating a gentle womb-like motion.’
  • ‘Five hours is a long drive no matter how heart-stoppingly beautiful the scenery and we are pathetically grateful when the wind blows us into the womb-like warmth of the restaurant vestibule.’
  • ‘The group set up a darkened, womb-like room, with a red velvet spread covering a big bed, candles everywhere, and pictures of Claire as a baby.’