Meaning of women's liberation in English:

women's liberation


mass noun
  • The liberation of women from inequalities and subservient status in relation to men, and from attitudes causing these (now generally replaced by the term feminism).

    ‘It was a broadly based movement committed to a programme of social reform, women's liberation, national liberation and parliamentary democracy.’
    • ‘Lennon's interview with Ali and Blackburn, published in the Red Mole socialist newspaper, touched on racism, women's liberation, revolution, workers' control of industry and socialism.’
    • ‘International Women's Day is on 8 March - Socialist Worker celebrates the day with some words from women who have led radical movements or fought for women's liberation and socialism’
    • ‘This time we will have to fight for them in a different way - by showing the integral connection between socialism and women's liberation.’
    • ‘Also I have never separated the class struggle from the struggle for women's liberation or against religious oppression.’
    • ‘And women's liberation as an ideology has come up against the limits of capitalist society.’
    • ‘The social movement for women's liberation has been replaced by different feminist camps in academia and elsewhere that hold each other in mutual contempt or barely communicate at all.’
    • ‘By that time a new phase of feminism, the self-styled women's liberation movement, had burst onto the political scene.’
    • ‘She was a socialist, a passionate advocate of women's liberation, and fought all her life for revolutionary change.’
    • ‘Now young women have to grapple with being told (by the tabloids) that Jordan is the epitome of sexiness, and at the same time (by feminists) that she's a symbol of women's liberation.’
    • ‘Creating deeper connections between class, national liberation, and women's liberation struggles in our practice and theory can also benefit us all.’
    • ‘In the course of the conference there there were a series of workshops: on the Middle East, on Cuba, on the national question in Scotland, on globalisation and on women's liberation.’
    • ‘They are not infected with rote Western concepts of gay liberation or women's liberation.’
    • ‘The Bolsheviks were also committed to women's liberation.’
    • ‘But though it was short-lived, the revolution and Kollontai's writings signpost the road to women's liberation, and sexual freedom for the whole of humanity.’
    • ‘Veteran feminist Doris Lessing, for example, believes new Stateside technologies like washing machines and vacuum cleaners did more for women's liberation than a thousand bra-burning marches.’
    • ‘She believed that Victorian women had a privileged place which women's liberation - another rationalist movement tampering with the natural order - threatened to undermine.’
    • ‘The LCR also dealt with questions like globalisation, women's liberation, gay rights, anti-racism and reform of the drugs laws, and attracted a younger electorate.’
    • ‘Debates and discussion will consider the left after the election, oppression and resistance in Africa, the struggle for women's liberation, Latin America and other subjects.’
    the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation, female emancipation, women's rights