Meaning of women's business in English:

women's business


mass noun
  • 1A subject or activity that is supposedly only of concern or interest to women.

    ‘men too often feel that health is women's business’
    • ‘There ought not to be such a thing as "women's business".’
    • ‘Everyone now takes fatherhood seriously, and bringing up kids is no longer seen as 'women's business'.’
    • ‘They felt that we were all men, and we shouldn't be tinkering around with women's business.’
    • ‘These days, women's organizations are still too often overlooked: locally because they are dismissed as women's business and elsewhere because they are not secular.’
    • ‘The four women councillors meet some resistance from the 11 male councillors - mostly bearded, conservative men who declare certain subjects "not women's business".’
    • ‘I am not well versed in "women's business".’
    1. 1.1Australian Aboriginal rituals and knowledge open only to initiated females.
      ‘there have been several accounts of what the women's business consisted of’
      • ‘An anthropologist hired by the developers of the marina complex did not mention the existence of this women's business.’
      • ‘Over the generations, older women taught the script to young women, and it came to be seen as a sort of 'women's business', something women enjoyed doing but men left well alone.’
      • ‘My grandmother, my Great Aunt and my Aunty Rose passed these stories about Women's Business to me.’
      • ‘The heart of the women's business is to do with the prohibition on things lying between sky and water.’
      • ‘He draws attention to another component of the women's business, that it was linked with a myth concerning the Pleiades, or the 'Seven Sisters', a common mythological motif throughout Aboriginal Australia.’
      • ‘When the women's business was done, I went with Joan and her boy and William back to the stone house.’