Meaning of women's libber in English:

women's libber



See women's lib

  • ‘We try and make it quite clear to people, we're not women's libbers, we don't hate men, we're just a band with girls in it who just want to play music’.’
  • ‘And contrary to what the women's libbers of that era wanted to believe, the porn biz has made me so strong.’
  • ‘But back then they were called women's libbers, and somebody must have been feeling threatened, because in 1975 the Mandy annual for Girls ran a story about one of them.’
  • ‘At the time he was quite well known for antagonizing women's libbers, so there was quite a contingent of sign waving female protestors, and some males as well.’
  • ‘I'm sure women's libbers like Helen would treat it with equally good spirit!’
  • ‘And while she did live in Morocco for a while at age four, she grew up in San Francisco with a ‘women's libber’ mom who discovered the power of belly dancing when Dolphina was just a kid.’


women's libber

/ˌwɪmɪnz ˈlɪbə/