Meaning of women's movement in English:

women's movement


  • A broad movement campaigning for women's liberation and rights.

    • ‘Although the intifada is a rather late phenomenon, it was preceded by grassroot mobilization in the form of women's movements, student's movements, trade unions and solidarity organizations.’
    • ‘So, my model is sort of the civil rights movement model, the women's movement, the movement to end the war in Vietnam.’
    • ‘Our advocates and allies in the women's movement and the community movement become facilitators of this process.’
    • ‘I shall consider the human rights movement (and the women's movement as a central part of this) in the next chapter.’
    • ‘She feels that women's movements can take their campaigning to the level of a social movement, only if they can do rehabilitation work too.’
    • ‘The failure of the environmental movement is symptomatic of the failure of most liberal social movements, including the labor, civil rights and women's movements.’
    • ‘That same evening three other chullu bars in other villages were given similar treatment in a campaign that has won support from women's movements across the subcontinent.’
    • ‘I saw the birth of the civil rights and women's movements and experienced the hope for the equality that these movements were to provide.’
    • ‘However, the closures have not managed to curtail a defiant women's movement that has been one of the most visible oppositional movements in Iran.’
    • ‘Various limited local campaigns brought national significance to the women's movement.’
    • ‘Increasingly, also, the color purple denoted the arrival and staying power of politically meaningful women's movements in the public arena of all advanced industrial democracies.’
    • ‘Yet the discipline has not paid much attention to women's movements for peace and cooperation.’
    • ‘Before the First World War there was a women's movement and a workers' movement and a peace movement.’
    • ‘However, in France there was no history of a women's movement for political rights before the war.’
    • ‘Given women's limited substantive gains in official politics, it is not surprising that women's movements in Canada have been ambivalent about liberal democracy and the political party system.’
    • ‘Issues to be discussed include the interaction between women's movements and the government, and how the campaigns spread beyond the war and beyond Britain.’
    • ‘It happened in our country in the Dalit movement, it happened with the women's movement; but these are rare examples.’
    • ‘This was true, in particular, of the women's movement, and now is true of the gay-rights movement.’
    • ‘But now it's back on telly as the outward looking women's movements of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s has been replaced with the idea that the contest is a triumph of ‘girl power’.’