Meaning of womyn in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪmɪn/

plural noun

  • Non-standard spelling of ‘women’ adopted by some feminists in order to avoid the word ending -men.

    ‘Do we change spellings in accordance with these guidelines, as in womyn or humyn instead of woman and human?’
    • ‘She was a sensational, heart-winning folk machine, quite unlike the vast majority of the singer-songwriter types you were used to, with clever lines about love and crushes and womyn stuff and whatnot.’
    • ‘That said, les Reines's approach to politics bears little resemblance to the strident methods of North America's street activists and big womyn on campus.’
    • ‘She's peddling trendy tosh from the syllabus of some womyn's studies collective at one of Australia's institutes of higher learning.’
    • ‘It's hate speech like yours that causes violence toward fat womyn.’
    • ‘Over the past month, I've asked friends, coworkers, men, women and womyn about their thoughts on the subject.’
    • ‘She was a short, plump perfectly average looking womyn who lived in a small farm town a big city the mountains a town in America.’
    • ‘Nor is she a colleen, a frail, a skirt, a broad, a womyn, a twist, or any other synonym.’
    • ‘The Festival enables womyn to be affirmed for the simple physicality of being female regardless of age, ability, or beauty-to be treasured as extraordinary simply for being a womon.’
    • ‘That book has changed how the world looks at womyn and their empathic ways of connecting and learning.’
    • ‘A lot of young lesbians attempt to disconnect themselves from womyn's music.’
    • ‘These mainstream messages must be challenged continually, and both abled and disabled womyn who ostracize those who do not fit culturally defined standards of disability must be confronted.’
    • ‘The pendulum is beginning to swing from a male-dominated society towards one of equality, and there are womyn out there who won't let a man forget that he comes from a long line of dominators and oppressors.’
    • ‘And if you want people to feel included, call them whatever they want to be called, whether it's gay, lesbian, homosexual, womyn, bi, dyke, faggot or even queer.’
    • ‘We have a unique chance to influence and change the lives of many womyn and children, not only through providing a safe-place but by being caring, kind, compassionate people ourselves.’
    • ‘The forms womyn and wimmin are seen as more detached from man, the origin of woman being wifman, meaning ‘female human being’ but easily interpretable as ‘wife of a man’.’
    • ‘At the same time, we stand as allies with the trans community and refuse to be forced into false dichotomies that equate being pro-womyn-born womyn space with being anti-trans.’
    • ‘She had that relaxed smile, glint in the eye, and comfort in the hips that comes from simply hanging out, bathing with other womyn, walking in the woods, and dancing freely under the night sky.’
    • ‘At present in most societies the western model of matrimony is fostered, which perpetuates an economic household unit reliant upon womyn's exploitation, to prop up male labour and child-rearing.’