Meaning of wonder-worker in English:



  • A person who performs miracles or wonders.

    • ‘The wonder-workers of the 2003 Intermediate Championship endured their own ill-luck.’
    • ‘The million dollars sits awaiting assignment to any of those thousands upon thousands of wonder-workers out there who Roll so admires and believes in; it cannot be used for any other purpose.’
    • ‘But he also knew that as ‘Son of David,’ Jesus was more than just a wonder-worker.’
    • ‘Cunningham maintains that up to this point the focus in Mark's Gospel has been on Jesus the wonder-worker who remains a mystery to all.’
    • ‘And the Swiss wonder-worker himself, though not a member of the Notables, was a central figure in their deliberations from the very start.’
    • ‘But at the same time, neither was he simply a wonder-worker who left people amazed yet bewildered.’
    • ‘The Syrian commander, Naaman, visited the King of Israel's prophet / wonder-worker, Elisha (who had assumed the magic mantle of his teacher, Elijah).’
    • ‘I had another inquiry about this wonder-worker from a ‘researcher’ for Granada TV, in the UK, and I suggested that she call me.’
    • ‘Who is this wonder-worker, and at which hospital did he work?’