Meaning of wonderer in English:



See wonder

  • ‘How inspiring things were in the slower days, when wonderment was a common pastime as I recall, wisdom-seeds falling on the wonderer's mind from every direction for careful germination.’
  • ‘A small group of wonderers stood in the middle of the street, talking silently amongst themselves.’
  • ‘Wondering becomes wandering in this poem, Olds inseparable from her mother, Olds the wonderer, the mother the wanderer-all of it within tight halls and rooms or within the closeting of the poem itself.’
  • ‘After the announcement, Taras approached Duerexme, who was leisurely studying the artifacts near the balcony of the Head Palace as if she was just another curious wonderer.’
  • ‘Though perhaps in a minority, at this point I am not a solitary wonderer.’
  • ‘He goes from the beautiful muser to the schizophrenic wonderer.’