Meaning of wonderment in English:



mass noun
  • A state of awed admiration or respect.

    ‘Corbett shook his head in silent wonderment’
    • ‘We also see the joy, fascination and wonderment on the faces of children as they read, talk with or entertain one of the characters.’
    • ‘It's the small feeling of awe and wonderment you get seeing its sleek shape whizz past you.’
    • ‘His face is a mixture of joy, wonderment and disbelief.’
    • ‘I've been listening to these four discs with wonderment, admiration, and delight.’
    • ‘An exhilarating mixture of fear, wonderment and primal curiosity overcame their usual normal response to such an occurrence.’
    • ‘Only Russell Lee conveys a sense of joy and wonderment in his photographs.’
    • ‘They were treated with awe, respect and looked at with wonderment.’
    • ‘I've been surrounded by people shaking their heads in despair and wonderment standing over the Irish Times.’
    • ‘Later I expect to gaze in wonderment at how large a university library can be.’
    • ‘The sense of sunny awe and wonderment is not as evident, but the lyrics have more depth this time around.’
    • ‘In the meantime, why not gaze in awe and wonderment at the vast shortlist.’
    • ‘The two lads were quite impressed but the final wonderment was reserved for the Rembrandt.’
    • ‘His voice is friendly and trusting and there's a sense of fun and wonderment about him.’
    • ‘His eyes were wide with wonderment, like a surprised, yet very pleased, child's.’
    • ‘Each model or client shows the same fascination and wonderment with their lifecast as an infant does when first recognising itself in a mirror.’
    • ‘Firefighter Dan, who had known Adam for a number of years, looked at his friend in wonderment.’
    • ‘This piece leaves the listener with a feeling of wonderment about what another day in the city will hold.’
    • ‘The man smiled at the young boy who seemed to have a well of infinite wonderment and enthusiasm to draw upon.’
    • ‘For a second he looked at me, eyes still wide but no longer wide with amazement and wonderment.’
    • ‘But yes, it is a story of faith, of wonderment at all things in the universe and of the law of nature.’
    awe, admiration, wonderment, fascination