Meaning of wondrously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌndrəsli/


See wondrous

‘When the first stage of this project was completed, (along a different route) strange stories began to be circulated by the media and alleged actual users, of how wondrously clean and sleek and efficient and punctual it was.’
  • ‘I do feel slightly guilty about it, but wondrously grateful.’
  • ‘The life of a single human being is so wondrously mysterious and so incredibly complicated; how infinitely more complicated is the network of relationships that go to make up a ‘democracy’.’
  • ‘Under her blue mantle, embroidered in gold like her halo and the wondrously rendered transparency of her multifold veil, she wears a white-trimmed gown of pink, a little richer in colour than the thornless roses that surround her.’
  • ‘The traffic that teems around the base of the hotel is rendered wondrously inaudible by the double glazing, the walls are thick, and the air conditioners do not rouse themselves to more than a gentle buzz even at full blast.’