Meaning of wonga in English:



mass noun informal British
  • Money.

    • ‘you want to earn a lot more wonga’
    • ‘Now, £1m is a lot of wonga for a paper plane, but that's nothing compared to the £7m bidding frenzy recently provoked by the sale of the real thing.’
    • ‘Most of The Sun's really memorable headlines (such as ‘Wenger's wonga makes Bergkamp linger longer’ and ‘Super-Callie-are-fantastic-Celtic-are-atrocious’) have in fact been found on the back page, not the front.’
    • ‘Simply hop onto a flight to Mumbai with a laptop, meet a man in the airport who will give you a different hard-drive. Test a few phones and upgrade them, and then hand over some wonga.’
    • ‘I need to make some serious wonga, to get the flock out.’
    • ‘Apparently there are some discrepancies in the amount of wonga being dished out to each undeserving ‘star’.’
    • ‘The boy wonder really does know how to turn boxes of slop into chests full of wonga, but how will he continue with his shock horror portfolio?’
    • ‘Spend all their extra wonga on fairtrade coffee and organic bananas.’
    • ‘It may be that getting us out comes down to a large splodge of wonga!’
    • ‘The 32-year-old blagger took antiques, jewellery and wonga from the house belonging to Ms. Winter.’
    • ‘It's Brazil biggest-ever heist, and easily tops the modest £30m in today's wonga with which the Great Train Robbers temporarily made merry back in 1963.’
    • ‘If you try to report a burglary or street crime anywhere, you get a crime number but all our units are out raising parking wonga and speeding tickets.’
    • ‘The company says there's around £20 bn of unclaimed wonga just lying around the UK waiting to be liberated.’
    • ‘To access the tasteful and beautifully-lit photos, you'll have to cough up some wonga.’
    • ‘Being overambitious increases the risk of falling short of generating enough wonga to retire on.’
    • ‘He writes, ‘It may be that getting us out comes down to a large splodge of wonga!’’
    • ‘I know you need a fair few accounts for the various wonga pages already, but I'm afraid my programming skills aren't quite up to integrating them all.’
    • ‘As she made good her escape - on foot we hasten to add - the purple dye pack cunningly hidden with the cash blew up and she disappeared in a puff of smoke, albeit minus the wonga and her hat.’
    • ‘Ben Rogovy, 22, wanted to promote his website for poker fans, but was a bit short in the wonga department.’
    cash, hard cash, ready money



/ˈwɒŋɡə/ /ˈvɒŋɡə/


1980s perhaps from Romani wongar ‘coal’, also ‘money’.