Meaning of wonton in English:



  • (in Chinese cooking) a small round dumpling or roll with a savoury filling, usually eaten boiled in soup.

    • ‘People snack on whatever's around: noodles, wontons or steamed glutinous dumplings wrapped in fragrant leaves.’
    • ‘Vicky was particularly keen on the dim sum, which consisted of the Chinese dumplings, spinach wonton, Peking ravioli and mini-spring roll, served with a spicy soy dip and sweet chilli sauce.’
    • ‘Kumara chips, sausages, wontons, spring rolls… they've got them all.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, when I love something in a restaurant - such as the steamy, comforting wonton dumpling soup at the local Chinese - then I want to re-create it at home.’
    • ‘Poach the dumplings in the raspberry soup until the wonton skins are soft, about six minutes.’
    • ‘Popcorn shrimp, ginger chicken wontons and fried calamari are variations commonly seen today in brew settings, but Heartland's bar burger stands out as mini, free-range bison burgers, served four to an order.’
    • ‘Set the remaining wonton rounds on top; gently press the edges to remove any air bubbles and seal the edges.’
    • ‘On the first dish, serve the eggplant wonton with micro cilantro and a quenelle of eggplant caviar.’
    • ‘One of our invited friends thought we were a bit crazy making dumplings and wontons when we could just buy them in the freezer section of the grocery store, but she got into the spirit of the evening.’
    • ‘Hands down the most popular dumpling from the East is the wonton.’
    • ‘You should have at least 16 wontons, more if you are prudent with the filling.’
    • ‘They do a great turn in soups (try the wonton, or the beef and meatball), and if you want to branch out there're plenty of less-western dishes to sample.’
    • ‘Although you can make your egg rolls and wontons, you will be better off buying the finished product and concentrating on the stir-fries.’
    • ‘A special way of wrapping the filling prevents the pork inside from losing its flavor when the wontons are served in soup.’
    • ‘After that, as I passed out of my crepe stage, the blintzes went through a short life as stuffed fried wontons, a sort of chicken version of crab rangoon.’
    • ‘The wontons were placed in a huge pot of boiling water and after only a few moments they floated to the top, we scooped them out and here they are.’
    • ‘One variation is to have open-faced steamed wontons, shaped to have a flat bottom so that they will stand upright; these are shao mai.’
    • ‘For variation, there are wontons in hot and sour oil and wontons in spicy beef broth.’
    • ‘Once I found some sunflower shells in my wonton soup.’
    • ‘And the wonton soup, loaded with extras or not as one prefers, is simple and fine.’


From Chinese (Cantonese dialect) wān t‘ān.