Meaning of wood alcohol in English:

wood alcohol


mass noun
  • Crude methanol made by distillation from wood.

    ‘Methanol is poisonous wood alcohol and its neurotoxic presence in 9,000 products is even causing cirrhosis of the liver in 9-year-olds, an entire new disease called NASH, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.’
    • ‘For example, methanol, or wood alcohol, can spontaneously become formaldehyde, while phenylalanine can decompose into diketopiperazine, which is a carcinogen.’
    • ‘The counterfeit vodka was contaminated with methanol, an industrial wood alcohol more commonly used in anti-freeze and paint thinners, which could present a major health risk to anyone drinking it.’
    • ‘The classic Italian spirit known as Grappa is made from which: a) potatoes b) grapes and/or grape pomace c) wood alcohol and unfermented grape juice d) barley and/or wheat’
    • ‘‘Nothing larger than sea turtles,’ said Corrigan, reflecting, ‘and there was wood alcohol in that.’’
    • ‘Worsley was on a smuggling run from Bremerhaven to Newfoundland with 1,700 cases of wood alcohol in his ship, the Kathleen Annie, in October 1924, when he decided to stop off at Orkney, a place he had visited many times before.’
    • ‘I remember a time when I drank wood alcohol in a Mayan village in Mexico and I ended up teaching the sombrero-wearing natives a happy medley of songs from Oliver.’
    • ‘Tonight I shall drink several pints of wood alcohol with a refreshing mixer of Irn Bru!’