Meaning of wood burner in English:

wood burner


  • A heater or stove that is fuelled by wood.

    ‘they sat around the wood burner while he told them stories’
    • ‘His extension will be heated by a high-efficiency wood burner.’
    • ‘The wood burner was successfully installed in the school.’
    • ‘They returned from a trip away and were shocked to discover the owls in their wood burner.’
    • ‘I have a gas boiler, and want to add a wood burner.’
    • ‘I could never live in a house without an open fire or a wood burner.’
    • ‘You have a bed, and a wood burner will blaze merrily away through the coldest of the hours.’
    • ‘No power will run to the yurts, which will be heated with wood burners.’
    • ‘We've been chainsawing them into logs to fit the wood burner.’
    • ‘Burning logs in a traditional hearth and heating homes by wood burners is becoming an increasingly popular option.’