Meaning of wood duck in English:

wood duck


  • A tree-nesting North American duck, the male of which has brightly coloured plumage.

    Aix sponsa, family Anatidae

    • ‘The wood duck was joined by Mallard and American Black Duck, as well as the usual Great Egret, Double-crested Cormorant, Canada Goose, and Mute Swan.’
    • ‘Specialties here include the magnificent hooded merganser, the rainbow-coloured wood duck, as well as lesser scaup, bufflehead and common goldeneye.’
    • ‘As we stroll on, we hear ovenbirds, see a towhee in the brush, and, down at Lake Perez, see a wood duck, tree swallows, a pair of spotted sandpipers, an osprey, and quite possibly the fattest robin I've ever seen.’
    • ‘He told me about the wood duck and the green-headed mallards illustrated on his conservation-society shower curtain - that they were perfectly fertile, and a mating between these birds resulted in normal numbers of healthy chicks.’
    • ‘I thought to myself that the top of this hen didn't look like a female woody to me, but then again I have never really looked at a hen wood duck from this angle.’
    • ‘I just realized that our wood duck box had hooded mergansers in it and our bluebird boxes are full of swallows.’
    • ‘They've constructed loon, goose, and duck nesting platforms as well as wood duck and bluebird houses.’
    • ‘If anything you could argue that the footage is an albinistic wood duck from the way the wings flap and the speed that the bird in question leaves the tree - it doesn't have the flight pattern of a woodpecker at all.’
    • ‘The eerie squeal of a wood duck came from somewhere behind the gray tangle of naked oaks, willows cypress, elm, tupelo and cottonwood.’
    • ‘Also, after reading the book and the emails posted above I agree that the egg is a hooded merganser egg and not a wood duck egg.’
    • ‘National Wildlife Refuges have also helped some seriously depleted populations of birds and mammals, including beaver, wood duck, sea otter, and dozens of shorebirds.’
    • ‘White-tailed deer, beaver, and red fox are content with just about any vegetation and width, whereas wild turkey and wood duck prefer forested buffers over 35 feet wide.’
    • ‘Plans are in place for wood duck houses, blue bird houses, and swallow houses.’
    • ‘In April 2002, the team built and placed a number of bluebird and wood duck nest boxes.’
    • ‘Check your field guide to identify gadwalls, widgeons, wood ducks, hooded mergansers, ringnecks, and maybe a scalup or a canvasback.’
    • ‘Within Myrtle Grove, the forest along Mattawoman Creek is home to the barred owl, various songbirds, wood ducks, and other waterfowl.’
    • ‘We put two ponds on the property which attracts mallard ducks, wood ducks and a variety of waterfowl.’
    • ‘Other species restrictions (one mottled duck, two wood ducks, two scaup, two redheads) would also apply.’
    • ‘In a familiar oxbow lake, there were gallinules and egrets, even a couple of brightly colored wood ducks and five blue-winged teal.’
    • ‘House wrens and chickadees compete for cankerworms and caterpillars; wood ducks, gray squirrels, flickers, and screech owls fight for the same nesting sites.’