Meaning of wood fibre in English:

wood fibre


mass noun
  • Fibre obtained from wood and used especially in the manufacture of paper.

    • ‘Despite projected shortages, wood fiber continues to be the No. 1 raw ingredient for paper production.’
    • ‘The process also removes lignin, a component of wood fiber that can eventually turn paper yellow.’
    • ‘Polyfoam underlay is the thinnest available and can be secured in place with masking tape, while wood fibre is the thickest on the market and gives good heat and sound insulation.’
    • ‘The agency is particularly concerned about the risk of leakages that might occur when wood fibre is moved and stored.’
    • ‘Provide at least eighteen inches of separation between the ground and wood fiber with concrete, metal, or other non-tasty (to insects) materials.’
    • ‘Even today, after the industry has skimmed the best logs from its own holdings, the national forests produce only 5 percent of America's wood fiber.’
    • ‘When newer, mobile, material is leached away by chemicals, the remaining structural wood fiber undoubtedly contains only the carbon that it contained during the year that the ring formed.’
    • ‘Although federal agencies have increased the recycled content of their copy paper in the last two years, thanks to an administrative mandate, over two-thirds of it is still derived from virgin wood fiber.’
    • ‘Taking the place of full-dimensional boards and beams typically harvested from old-growth or larger trees, this manmade lumber makes more efficient use of wood fiber from smaller trees.’
    • ‘The Sacramento Bee reported California timber harvest levels slashed by over half over ten years resulting in 70 percent of California's wood fiber now being imported.’
    • ‘Your first step is to remove the gray appearance and the fine, fuzzy layer - which is actually wood fiber that's been torn up by the impact of the high-pressure water.’
    • ‘Is insulation required and, if needed, should it be polyisocyanurate, polystyrene, perlite, wood fiber, foamed glass, glass fiber or polyurethane?’
    • ‘Many of the plastic milk bottles, detergent containers and grocery bags we recycle are being mixed with wood fiber to make a new generation of decking material called composite lumber.’
    • ‘Polywood is environmentally friendly and is created using existing wood fiber and does not require additional trees being cut during the process of creating the frames.’
    • ‘Floor joists are made from engineered lumber, which requires about half as much wood fiber as solid dimensional lumber, yet provides the same or greater strength.’
    • ‘With timber harvest levels slashed by 51 percent in the past decade, 70 percent of our wood fiber is now brought in from other states and nations.’
    • ‘Made from wood fiber and recycled church candles, these sticks will get your fire going without the toxic chemicals released when you burn newspapers.’
    • ‘This is a special concern for some roof decking materials, such as cementious wood fiber, which are more vulnerable to water damage than others.’
    • ‘Perlite, wood fiber and gypsum board are useful as reroofing and overlay boards when high thermal resistivity is not required.’
    • ‘His team is determining the extent to which cellulose fiber from straw can be used in place of wood fiber or plastics derived from petroleum.’