Meaning of wood hedgehog in English:

wood hedgehog


another term for hedgehog fungus
  • ‘Some species, including the wood hedgehog, are also associated with broadleaved trees.’
  • ‘There were a lot of wood hedgehog fungi about.’
  • ‘The sheep polypore and the wood hedgehog are easily confused with each other.’
  • ‘The wood hedgehog is a rare find in the Yorkshire Dales.’
  • ‘At certain times during the year a number of wild mushrooms including ceps, wood hedgehog and honey fungus are collected from the woodlands.’
  • ‘For all edible species of boleti, wood hedgehog, horn of plenty, ‘rozites caperata’ (and possibly a few other species as well): Cut in thin slices, dry in the sun until totally dry; fill in a tight glass.’